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Fax: 450.656.0444

5503 Chemin de Chambly
St-Hubert, QC
J3Y 3P4

Office Hours
Monday from 8 am to 6 pm
Tuesday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm

Owner: Jean Laflamme
Head Chef: Stéphane Bélanger

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Stéphane Bélanger’s bio, our chef

Stéphane Bélanger has been exploring the realm of the culinary arts for over 25 years now. He has been our head chef since joining Jean Bouffe in 2006.

He worked as a chef in renowned restaurants, namely at Hélène de Champlain where he worked for over twelve years, as well as at the City Tower of the downtown Delta hotel, called the Grand Hotel at the time. Stéphane has honed expertise in French and continental cuisine and was the head banquet chef for several major events including Formula 1.

Rigor, creativity and good management skills make him a major asset at Jean Bouffe. The company owes its good reputation to his constant efforts and he has the complete confidence of the company’s founder.

Other than being passionate about his job, Stéphane is also a great fan of heavy metal music and has been playing the drums since his early childhood. He is also a film buff and model-maker in his spare time.


Bio of Jean Laflamme, owner

Jean Laflamme is passionate about the culinary arts, a lover of good food. He founded Jean Bouffe in 2005 when he found that as a father of two with a busy schedule, the meal preparation during the week quickly became a big hassle. He seized a business opportunity in an area that fascinates him and embarked on this adventure fully-determined and confident.

Previously, Jean was an independent business consultant. He managed corporate restructuring cases, financial records and projects to improve the management of SMEs. He also worked in the video game industry for Ubisoft and DTI-Infogrames for 5 years. He mainly occupied managerial positions in business development. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from HEC Montreal.

Jean is the proud father of two beautiful daughters, Clara and Maxime. He is also passionate about wine and welcomes every opportunity to share a gourmet meal with friends or family. He loves car racing, skiing, playing golf and loves to play croquet or petanque between friends.


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