The weekly order period is over

The weekly order period is over.

The deadline for ordering was Wednesday at midnight.

You forgot to order? We could accommodate you…

Contact us as soon as possible to give us your choices. It is important to leave us the following details:

  • Name (same as your account)
  • Email address (same as your account)
  • Your choice of dishes (specify size and quantity)
  • Your choice between pick-up or delivery (specify which one)
  • A telephone number to reach you on Friday afternoon.

Leave a voice message if there are no answers. If some of the dishes are available at the end of our production, we will confirm by phone on Friday afternoon.

Telephone: 450 656-8195


Suggestion: If you have not already done so, you can choose the following two options, which will help you think about placing your order before Wednesday.

In your Jean Bouffe profile, under the "Alerts and Communications" tab, you can choose to receive the weekly menu on Saturday, either by email or messaging, and you can also receive a friendly reminder on Wednesday morning.