Gift certificates

Offer gift certificates to Jean Bouffe!

Ideal to offer for a birthday, a maternity leave or simply to help a loved one…
Available in $ 20 increments, they are applicable to any purchase at Jean Bouffe.

To order gift certificates, please fill out the following form.

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Personalized letter

Gift certificates are sent with a personalized letter.
It begins with “Dear _________________” and ends with “from ______________________”
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We will need to contact you to complete credit card payment over the phone.

You can also reach us between 9 am and 4 pm, from Monday to Friday at 450 656-8195.

1) Upon receipt of your meal order, simply give the gift certificates to the delivery person as payment. If the invoice is not a multiple of 20, you can complete the payment in cash and/or, inversely, we will refund you the difference in cash.

2) Please do not send credit card information by email.

3) If you wish to pick up the gift certificates yourself at our kitchen, it is always best to complete the form above so that we can prepare the personalized letter and gift certificates.