Limited Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

Your satisfaction is our priority. Jean Bouffe takes your satisfaction to heart and offers you a Limited Satisfaction Guarantee Policy for all its products.

You shall know that we use only the freshest produce, we comply with all food standards prescribed by law, we practice all the best methods of food preparation and handling, and we always act with all possible vigilance to provide superior quality products.

Although we make every effort, you may be dissatisfied with an event, or a dish ordered. To protect you, we have implemented a Limited Satisfaction Guarantee Policy for any product and service that encounters one of the following unsatisfactory incidences:

  • We made an error on the products delivered (or with a pick-up) concerning the type of dish, the format or the quantity which does not match your order/invoice.
  • You consider that the dish is not sufficiently fresh in terms of its odor or its appearance, and this, before its expiry date.
  • We made a preparation and/or packaging error so that your dish does not correspond to its description. For example, we omitted to include the dressing container in your meal salad, to add the mozzarella on your lasagna or to include the bag of fresh broccoli, etc.
  • You notice that we have cooked your dish incorrectly. For example, the chicken breast is undercooked, the beef stew tastes burnt, or the vegetable stir-fry seems to have an undesirable texture, etc.
  • Other specific situations where you consider that the dish is not safe to eat.

If one of the unfortunate above event should occur, please contact us as soon as possible, either by phone or email. In any case, it is important to keep the dish in question until you have spoken or exchanged by email with a member of Jean Bouffe's customer service. We may ask to see the dish in question in order to better understand what happened and continue to improve our processes.

Per our Limited Satisfaction Guarantee Policy, we will refund or credit you for the dish(es) in question and/or discuss with you to find another way to remedy the situation so that you are fully satisfied. We will contact you to determine which method is most suitable.

Note that the Limited Satisfaction Guarantee Policy does not cover personal disappointments related to food preferences, habits, and allergies. As in the expression, “there's no accounting for taste”, it is impossible to cook a dish that can please absolutely everyone. There will always be strong followers for a dish and people who would have preferred it otherwise. Although the dish is perfect according to our standards and expectations, you could be among those who find it less enjoyable according to your own preferences.

All comments on our products and services are welcome and can be communicated to us by email at, by telephone at 450 656-8195 or by using the “comments/questions” hyperlink on our website.


Jean Laflamme