What is Jean Bouffe?
  1. Freshness and Quality

    A new menu every week

    Our passionate team offers you a diversified menu combining discoveries and flavours. Available in generous double or family portions, all prepared meals are fresh, never frozen and prepared with top quality ingredients, in keeping with the seasons and without preservatives.


    Choose from some twenty choices each week.

  2. Simple and Hassle Free

    Nothing to prepare

    At Jean Bouffe, we cook, not you. All you have to do is reheat your dishes and enjoy them. Orders are easily placed online, without obligation. You have the choice between home or work delivery, or pick up from our kitchen. It's simple, convenient and the time you save is real.


    Our team is delighted to cook for you.

  3. Tasty and Sensible

    Healthy food at a reasonable price

    Thanks to Jean Bouffe, make delicious discoveries, week after week, without ruining yourself. Trusting us for a healthy diet means making a smart choice while enjoying free time with your family or for yourself. It's all the pleasure of eating homemade food without the preparation!


    Eat healthy and smart.


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