About Jean Bouffe

Jean Laflamme

Jean Bouffe began its adventure in 2005 as the first company in Quebec to exclusively offer fresh prepared meals online. The company is a true pioneer in its field, for one, it is the inventor of the term “Weekly Menu” which has become over time the term used by most companies that offer their meals based on weekly menus. It was also the first to offer a transactional website in 2008 and the first with a mobile-optimized website in 2012. Recipient of the 2017 Prix d’Excellence de la Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de la Rive-Sud, in the retail category, Jean Bouffe offers unparalleled service and is the undisputed leader in meal solutions for families. The company has continuously modernized to ensure the satisfaction of its customers as well as that of its employees, maintains the highest quality standards for its loyal customers.

Jean Bouffe is now established in a brand-new and highly efficient kitchen since 2021 in Longueuil, after growing up in St-Hubert. This new kitchen is equipped with the best equipment available and provides employees with ergonomic and productive workspaces, making it a pleasure to work with. Over time, the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers have ensured the business to grow to several dozen qualified employees, including its chef Stéphane Bélanger who has skillfully been running Jean Bouffe's kitchen for more than 17 years.

Stéphane Bélanger

Bio of Stéphane Bélanger, head chef

Stéphane Bélanger has been a talented head chef and kitchen manager for last 30 years. He has held the position of head chef since his arrival at Jean Bouffe in 2006. He has worked as a chef in renowned restaurants before, including the Hélène de Champlain and the Grand Hôtel to name a few. His thoroughness, creativity and kitchen management skills make him a key asset to Jean Bouffe. The company owes its good reputation thanks to Stéphane’s sustained efforts along with the utmost confidence from the company’s founder. Besides the passion for his job, Stéphane is a heavy metal music fan and has been playing drums since his childhood. He is also a cinephile and a model maker in his spare time.

Jean Laflamme

Bio of Jean Laflamme, president/founder

Jean Laflamme is passionate about the culinary arts and wines as he multiplies the opportunities to share a gourmet meal with friends or family. He founded Jean Bouffe in 2005 when he noticed that preparing meals during the week was quickly becoming a source of hassle. He seized a business opportunity in a field that fascinates him and embarked on this adventure, determined and confident. Previously, Jean was self-employed as a business consultant. He led restructuring, management and finance projects to improve small and medium business processes. He also worked for several years at Ubisoft in the video game industry. He holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from HEC Montréal. He loves car racing, skis, plays golf and likes to play croquet or petanque with friends.