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Meal Solutions for Busy People

The daily concern of meal planning is a real problem for many families. To save time, people look for quick and easy meals to prepare, but often to the detriment of a healthy balanced diet. Jean Bouffe wants to solve this problem by offering solutions that fulfill this basic need: healthy meals at affordable prices.

Jean Laflamme, founder of Jean Bouffe, is passionate about the culinary arts. As any good father would — and like so many people in his situation who run out of time to cook during the week — Jean tried to find ways to make meal preparation easier. He got interested in different meal solutions and catering services. But ... what a disappointment! After extensive research, Jean found that the products on the market were of poor quality, often frozen, filled with food preservatives, too expensive and that there was a distinct lack of variety. While there was obvious room for improvement, the supply remained inadequate. Hence, the Jean Bouffe concept began to mature in the mind of this manager specialized in business development. Nine months later, Jean Bouffe’s first menu was finally available through the Internet!


Since its creation in 2005, Jean Bouffe has enjoyed successful business. This dynamic company has managed to meet the needs of its customers by offering great home-cooked meals. The key to Jean Bouffe’s success is making sure it offers a wide range of top quality healthy products that are easy to reheat and that the whole family can enjoy.

Jean Bouffe strives to provide the best products, and is constantly improving its recipes and offering new items. The St-Hubert based company saw its beginnings by concocting dishes using modest kitchen equipment, simple residential stoves and with the help of two cooks. Over time, customer satisfaction and loyalty have helped this small business flourish to the point of operating with more than 13 qualified staff members. In order to meet growing demand, the company invested in cutting edge equipment so as to maintain high quality standards. Despite this steady growth, Jean Bouffe intends on remaining a small craft business, with a good family feel and an original concept that distinguishes it from the competition. Jean Bouffe offers food from here for folks from here.

At Jean Bouffe, we strive to provide excellent service, and we are committed to satisfying and delighting our customers. Feel free to send us your comments, suggestions or questions, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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