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Menu of the week

A new menu is available every week as of Saturday morning. You may order meals from this menu between Saturday and Wednesday until midnight either online or by phone.

Products are available in 5 categories:

  1. Soups, starters and salads
  2. Main course
  3. Our classics
  4. Desserts and snacks
  5. Other

The main course always includes a starch and/or a vegetable side dish and we have quite a variety of main courses. Our classics consist of familiar meals such as spaghetti sauces, chicken pot pies or lasagnas. These meals are offered more frequently than main courses and can usually be frozen for later consumption, if desired.

You can receive the menu of the week by email by checking the appropriate boxes in your profile once you have registered. We suggest that you use this option so as to remember to place your order before the deadline… For those without an email address, we will gladly include the following week’s printed menu with your order upon delivery. Simply let us know.

See the menu of the week.


How to place an order?

It’s as easy, as 1, 2, 3!

You can place an order in three different ways:

  1. By Internet: Select the "Order" tab and follow the steps.
  2. By phone: 450-656-8195. Consult our menu under the "Menu of the week" tab and call us.
  3. By email: commande@jeanbouffe.com. Consult our menu under the "Menu of the week" tab and email your choices.

A new menu is available every Saturday morning. You may order meals from that menu between Saturday and Wednesday until midnight. Orders can be placed online or by phone.

However, if you’ve missed the Wednesday midnight deadline, you can still send us your choices by email (commande@jeanbouffe.com) or by phone (450-656-8195) and we will be able to confirm at the end of production on Friday afternoon, whether or not we made enough extra meals to complete your order.

Please note, that you must always place an order beforehand because we do not have an inventory of meals to sell at the counter. We only prepare meals that have been ordered, therefore ensuring we always have the freshest products possible.


Our home-cooked meals

We believe in offering tasty dishes, just like you’d make them at home. We mainly offer French, Italian or Canadian cuisine, but we are proud to also offer international cuisine such as Chinese, Thai, South American, Indian and Middle Eastern style dishes. We use premium quality ingredients, on top of promoting local produce and we never use any food preservatives. Finally, all our dishes are sold fresh as in ‘freshly made’ but this also conveys that our meals are not frozen.


Formats and containers

Our clientele consists mainly of families, so we decided to offer portions that suit their specific needs. Main courses are usually offered in portions for two or four people. The classic dishes are usually offered in a single format, such as liters for sauces or “whole” for a quiche or a chicken pot pie for example. Desserts are also mainly offered in a family-sized portion, while soups, salads and starters are sold for 2 or 4 people. Our portions are considered to be quite generous and dishes for 4 people are exactly twice the amount of meals prepared for 2.

In general, our dishes are presented in containers of portions for two or four people. We mainly use two types of packaging. For dishes that will go in the oven, we use aluminum containers and for sauce-based dishes such as stews, chilis and soups, we use airtight plastic containers. Salads are also packaged in plastic containers. Some products may also be packed in oxo-degradable styrofoam containers. In most cases, you will find the two (or four) portions in the same container.

All plastic and aluminum containers are recyclable and we encourage you to recycle them. In addition, the plastic containers are great for storing food instead of buying other disposable containers.

We are also proud to use BioxoMC oxo-degradable styrofoam containers. Launched by Cascades, BioxoMC is the first line of containers made of polystyrene foam which is totally oxo-degradable. BioxoMC products will oxo-degrade into a fine powder, thus occupying less landfill space, while those made of polystyrene foam usually never disintegrate.


Preparation and heating instructions

In order to yield the best possible result, you will find detailed step by step preparation instructions on each dish. In general, we suggest heating meals in a conventional oven rather than with a microwave oven in order to fully enjoy all the flavors. Sauce-based dishes, such as stews, heat up very well in a pot. In addition, during the summer, we offer at least one meal that can be cooked entirely on the barbecue. On average, allow 25 to 35 minutes in the oven for two-serving portions and 35 to 45 minutes for four-serving portions. For dishes that heat up in a pot, allow between 10 and 20 minutes. Note that ovens do not all heat the same way and that suggested times are for instructional purposes only.

You will notice that some of our dishes in our menus display a small symbol of a microwave oven: Can also be heated in a microwave oven (very little alteration to the food’s taste and texture). This symbol indicates that you can heat the meal in a microwave oven, taking care to set individual portions on separate plates, in advance. Note that you can not put our aluminum or plastic plates in the microwave oven. Using a microwave oven instead of a conventional oven may slightly alter the food’s taste and textures, but if you are in a hurry, this option can be adequate. We do not recommend heating your meals in the microwave oven if the symbol is not displayed because the tastes and textures of the food will be greatly altered.


Our fresh products’ best before date

The expiry date is displayed on each product. This information is available from our menus on our website and is also found on the product labels. It is advisable to take note of these dates in order to plan the consumption of your order during the week.

Our products’ lifetime depends on the type of meal prepared, the ingredients used and the preparation date. We always prepare the dishes to ensure maximum freshness and food conservation time, and this, without adding any food preservatives.


Delivery and pick-up

You can have the food delivered or you can pick up your order at our kitchen. If you opt for a delivery, you can receive your order at home or your office, as per your convenience.

If you opt for a delivery, you may choose from the following delivery periods:

  1. Saturday, from 9 am to 1 pm
  2. Sunday, from 5 pm to 9 pm
  3. Monday, from 9 am to 4 pm
  4. Monday, from 6 pm to 9 pm

Note that delivery times may vary during public holidays.

If you opt to pick up your order, the pick-up periods available are:

  1. Saturday, from 8 am to 2 pm
  2. Sunday, from 12 pm to 5 pm
  3. Monday, from 8 am to 6 pm

Our kitchen is located at 5503 chemin de Chambly in St-Hubert on the South Shore.

There is no extra charge for delivery. However, in order to get free delivery you must meet the minimum purchase requirement of $40. When you pick up your order, you save 5% (up to $ 5.00 off).

We offer free delivery to the South Shore, Nun’s Island and the island of Montreal. The maps below show our delivery zones.


South Shore

Delivery fees are included in our prices and the following conditions apply:

Area City Conditions

South Shore

La Prairie
Le Moyne
Greenfield Park

Free delivery for all orders $40.00 and up.
$5.00 delivery charge if less than $40.00.


The Plateau
Nun's Island 

Other cities / areas


Delivery not available
Pick up your order and save 5% (up to $5.00 off)

To maintain the freshness of our products, orders are delivered in a cooler with ice packs.

For deliveries to your office, you may keep the cooler for a $5.00 deposit fee. Upon your next delivery, you can simply return the cooler to our driver and he will leave a new one in its place.


Methods of payment

We accept four methods of payment:

  1. Online payment (VISA or MasterCard) when placing your order
  2. Cash upon delivery
  3. By check upon delivery
  4. With Jean Bouffe gift certificates upon delivery

For pick-ups, we also accept payment by debit (Interac) or credit card.


The environment

Jean Bouffe cares greatly about the environment. That is why we are committed to using and enforcing good environmental practices everyday. Our products are delivered in recyclable or oxo-degradable containers and we provide 100% biodegradable bags for pick-ups. We favor the purchase of local produce and limit our printing to a minimum. We only use biodegradable cleaning products and dish soap. We recycle all packaging material that we receive from our suppliers and we reuse our coolers as much as possible for deliveries. Our next step will be to practice composting when compost collection will be offered in St-Hubert. We are proud of our green practices all the more since the restaurant industry is not known for being ecologically responsible…

For hygiene and sanitary reasons, unfortunately, we can not reuse our aluminum or plastic containers. However, we encourage you to do so, instead of buying plastic containers. Otherwise, you can recycle them.



At Jean Bouffe, we believe that a product sold fresh is tastier, of better quality and can offer a greater variety than frozen meals. Moreover, when meals are fresh, the cooking time is considerably shortened compared to frozen meals, which require thawing or much greater cooking times.

However, in order to keep your favorite meals longer, it is possible to freeze some of our dishes. In order to keep your meals as fresh as possible for later consumption, we recommend freezing them upon delivery. Some meals bear a symbol for freezing: Freezing possible (very little alteration to the food’s taste and texture). This symbol indicates that you can freeze your meals without the taste or texture of the food being altered (or very slightly in some cases). If you freeze a dish that does not display this symbol, the quality of food will be affected, and in some cases it will simply taste wrong, and will not live up to what we want to offer as a product. To thaw a product that you have previously frozen, let it sit in the refrigerator for about 24 hours.

In general, we suggest that customers do not freeze their meals upon receiving them, but rather plan what they will eat during the week taking into account the expiration dates in order to eat everything within the time allotted.


Offer Jean Bouffe gift certificates

This is the perfect gift for a birthday, a maternity leave or simply to help a loved one.

You can get gift certificates online while placing an order. They will be found under the “other” products tab. You can also order some by phone at 450-656-8195.

Gift certificates are sold by increments of $ 20.

In the space for comments, please tell us if you want us to send you the gift certificates by mail or not. If the address is different from the one in your profile, please let us know.

Upon receipt of the order, simply return the gift certificates to the driver as payment. If the bill is not a multiple of 20, you can complete the payment in cash and / or, conversely, we will refund the difference in cash.

Gift certificates are simple and convenient!